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Our guide to Tokyo, Japan

2 December, 2020


Tara Bennett


Tara Bennett



On the trendy side of town, Ebisuholic conveniently located and beautifully designed... The toilet even plays you classical music.  

Breakfast at the café downstairs.
Claska Hotel.

Claska Hotel

Service, food, design... Claska ticks every box. We might even go as far to say that it was the best hotel experience we have had... ever! On Level 2, there's a D&Department store and it's hard not to buy things.

Sadly Claska, Tokyo is closing in Dec 2020.


Tokyo is one place that breakfast is hard to find at a reasonable time. Most places don't open until around 11am, so if you're on western time and tend to get hangry then we recommend the following.

Blue Bottle Coffee

There's a few Blue Bottle Coffee shops around. They make great coffee, open early and have muesli, waffles and other small breakfast items.


As one of our favourite cafes in Tokyo, Path is a place we make sure we visit every time. They open at 8am (if you get there any later there's often a line) and we always order the dutch pancake. It comes with prosciutto, burrata and maple syrup. It's still in the top 5 things we have ever eaten.

Other Coffee options open early:
  • Camelback - coffee and sandwiches
  • Fuglen - Mid-century scandi vibes
  • Nem Coffee & Espresso  - Open from 8am
  • Be a Good Neighbour - For the locals
  • 365 Days - For an early morning pasrty 
  • Bread Espresso & - Great for a mixed breakfast plate. Always a line though.

Lunch & Dinner


While Afuri Ramen is a chain, they're well designed and delicious. You can choose your broth thickness so if you don't feel like over indulging then there's a light option.

The Blind Donkey

For those who want something a little more fancy, The Blind Donkey was one of the best dining experiences we have ever had. It's all paddock to plate paired with natural wine. 

Delicious food
Tonki chefs

Tonki is like a well oiled machine - it's so busy but everything runs incredibly smooth. There's only two things on the menu... Tonkatsu lean or tonkatu fatty.

Curry Up
Curry Up

Owned by Nigo, the founder of Japanese streetwear label Human Made and past owner of Bape, Curry Up is a small restaurant on the cool side of Harajuku.

Ginza Kagari

Located just around the corner from Dover Street Market, this little soba house is one of the first Michelin star ramen places. It opens at 12pm and the line begins to from. 

Wine Stand Waltz

For those who need a nice glass of natural wine after a long day, walk down to Waltz for stand up chill vibes and very polite staff.


Shopping in Tokyo is like no other place in the world to us. It's got everything from streetwear and high fashion, to Harajuku girl vibes, gadets, steam toasters, plus best vintage ever.


This little suburb is about a 30min train ride from Shibuya station. It's full of cute homeware stores, local designers and nice cafes. When you get off the train, wander around the streets and get lost in all the goodness. We stopped off at the MHL cafe for a deliciously healthy lunch. 

Hender Scheme

We always make a stop to Hender Scheme when in Tokyo as we are obsessed with their smoky leather incense. It's full of hand made leather sneakers and amazing leather home goods.

T-Site Bookstore 

This might be a bold statement but T-Site in Daikanyama is probably the best bookshop we have ever been to. It opens at 7am and is filled with every design book, magazine, travel guide and stationery you could ever ask for.

Hibiya Market Central

Just around the corner from Dover Street Market, Hibiya Market Central is located at the top of a very fancy shopping mall. It's like a "shop in shop" experience. It has a boutique magazine and coffee stand, a Graphpaper and a cool store full of antique homewares.


Full of wonderful homewares, clothing and jewellery, Outbound is a must for anymore who loves well designed things for the home. 

Other stores we love to visit
  • Wacko Mario
  • Noah
  • Retaw
  • Beams Harajuku
  • Yaeca Apartment Store 
  • Dover Street Market
  • Bedwin & The Heartbreakers
  • Human Made

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