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Located down a little alley in Berlin's Mitte, you will find Kantine. 
With a somewhat Japanese inspired design, Kantine's minimalistic make up actually belongs to the David Chipperfield Architect’s office.
kantine, berlin
After walking inside to find a short queue and also a short menu written in German, the guy at the counter so kindly read out what was available to me. Although they were simple options, each sounded delicious and uncomplicated. I ordered a bowl of seasonal roast vegetables and herbed greek yogurt. 
kantine berlin
I took my number and decided to sit outside under the autumnal trees on a silver bench. As a few rain drops feel down, I decided to wander upstairs. 
Here I found a concrete rectangular room adorned with pale wood tables and benches. I found my place at the end of one and took in the surroundings.
Kantine Berlin
It actually became clear that not only was I sharing the space with other customers, I was actually dining with  David Chipperfield's staff. There was a small kitchenette in the corner that some people were using to microwave their pre-packed food, and others eating from lunch boxes. "How cool!", I thought. I am sitting in the actual lunch room at a well known architecture firm, eating veggies. 
kantine berlin
The meal was pleasant comfort food, served in a lovely ceramic bowl. 
I sat and people watched for awhile, until the staff started dwindling back off to work.
I strolled through the grounds and breathed in the surroundings... It felt like I was in Tokyo, not the centre of Berlin.
Header image by Wallpaper.