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Who are you?

Jamie (media planner & photographer) & Rebecca Espinosa (cat mum and furniture enthusiast). Newtown, Sydney.

What is your best time killer? 

J: Since iso I’ve put a lot of time into things I’ve wanted to do for myself but have always put off - learning Spanish, online photography courses, running, meditating. It all takes quite a bit of effort but collectively they make me feel better about the whole situation. Oh and hanging out with our two cat boys Frank & Beans.

R: After being made redundant with my current job, I’ve had a lot of spare time on my hands in iso. Trying to keep my spirits up by getting back into my love of restoring furniture on my tiny balcony. However, I still make time to annoy Jamie and watch way too much TV. 

retro furniture

What are you watching?

J: So so much YouTube. Being at home has made me obsessed with other peoples homes - the Open Door series on Architectural Digest and In Residence or My Place on the Nowness channel are amazing. Also cooking shows have been a savior. Check Bon Appetit & NYT Cooking. For Bec and I, Community reruns are our happy place.

R: I feel like my last answer was a perfect segway into this. Like Jamie mentioned, a lot of YouTube, Community, Friends, some trashy TV and a lot of movies off our bucket list. 

jamie and bec
What are you eating?

R + J: We love cooking and finding new recipes. For Bec’s birthday we made Cauliflower Adobo. For all you Filipinos out there, you know that making a vegetarian Filo dish is pretty hard to do and this one was damn good! 
When we get takeaway it’s probably pizza. There are heaps of amazing places where we live but for takeaway I’d say Frank’s Pizza in Camperdown is a solid pick. For sure their pizza holds up the best as takeaway. 

home cooking
What are you drinking?

R + J: We haven’t drunk that much alcohol recently which has been a nice change of pace. When we have though we’ve been really into the Sour Beers from Grifter and Watermelon Gin and Tonics. We get all ours from P&V up the road.
We’ve also been reminiscing about our time in Mexico this time last year, so Bec has been making some Aguas Frescas or Aguas de Sabores (Mexican flavored waters). Our favourites are Tamarindo and Horchata. Bon Appetit have some really good recipes for them if you’re interested in making some at home during iso. 

What are you reading?

J: I’ve never been much of a reader but I did recently finish reading (aka listening) to Malcolm Gladwell’s Talking to Strangers. I also like to look at a lot of photo books - one that I keep coming back to is Gregory Halpern’s ZZYZX.

R: Whilst overseas I read a bunch of biographies and autobiographies. Stand outs would be Michelle Obama and Drew Barrymore - two very inspirational women with very different but wonderful stories. I’m currently reading the book that the Unorthodox Netflix series is based on. I definitely recommend both the book and the series. 

What are you listening to?

J: Blonde - Frank Ocean always transports me to another world

R: Baduizm - Erykah Badu I can listen to all day and not get sick of it. Instantly puts me in a good mood. 


What you can’t live without at the moment?

J: I recently bought my good friend JP’s (Third Culture) photography zine ‘55 Minute Speed Print’ and am pretty obsessed with it. An honest depiction of his experience in Tokyo. It brings up strong feelings of travelling - walking around aimlessly and experiencing different countries. 

Also our plants. We have quite a few plants scattered around the house which makes being stuck inside all day a little more pleasant. Our friend Jana (Microcosm) in Marrickville is really helpful and can sort out all your plant needs.

R: Sadly have finished my candle from Provider (desperately needs a refill and some spares) and bread from Azuki Bakery

What are you looking forward to?

J: Walking around aimlessly and taking photos. Wearing non-sweat pants. Talking to people other than Bec haha.

R: Having drinks with friends, going to thrift stores and spending time with my nephews and nieces. I also can’t wait to finally meet my new nephew Max, he was born mid March and sadly I haven’t been able to properly meet him yet because of the restrictions.