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Who are you?

P: Paulina. Hola!

C: I’m Clark Kent, Paulina’s pet husband.

paulina and clark

What is your best time killer?

P: This shifts constantly. But this lockdown, it’s been a mix of the show Veep, drawing, exercise, and cooking.


C: The internet’s been great company. I’ve been reading and writing more, although I would classify it as fiddling than writing. I just downloaded Animal Crossing, am I screwed?

What are you watching?

C: We’re alternating between Paulina’s choice of classic Hollywood and my choice of Asian films. We saw Wong Kar Wai’s Happy Together last week and I want to go with either Kurosawa or Kon Satoshi next. We’re also on Westworld, although it’s kind of meh this season. And we’re about to finish Veep!

P: My classic Hollywood films have been met with much resistance, so I often end up finishing them on my own. Haha. Most recently was The Philadelphia Story, with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant (my all-time favorite on-screen pairing). 

What are you eating?

C: Paulina has expanded her baking repertoire, and I’ve been gaining weight. We’ve been cooking at home as much as we can, to minimise risk, but we’ve given in to a few cravings: Don Don’s tonkatsu curry, Bar Ume burgers, South Dowling Sandwiches. Them carrots!

P: So. Much. Cake. And Bread. It’s basically been one big, delightful carb-fest. A new favorite we discovered over lockdown was this lemon poppy seed cake recipe from NYTimes Cooking, which has become a household staple.

banana bread

What are you drinking?

C: A lot of coffee—I think we go through two bags of Artificer beans in a week. We also stocked up on wines from Konpira Maru and Momento Mori, and got Quaran-Tinnys delivered from Continental Deli.


P: And lots of bone broth too, now that it’s slowly getting cooler.

artificer coffee

Your favourite book and why?

paulinaC: That’s tough! Fave recent read though: Ocean Vuong’s On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. It’s beautiful and devastating, I think I cried on page 7. 

P: I am terrible at naming all-time favorites on the spot, but off the top of my head these include: Just Kids by Patti Smith, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon, and A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. The first two I have reread and underlined multiple times, the last one I don’t think I have the strength to ever read again.

Your favourite album and why?

C: Another tough one. I feel like I make friends with a lot of new music, but I come back to Kauai by Childish Gambino.

P: Oooof. This is too difficult. But I will say that once a year, I seem to have at least a full month where I only play Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Channel Orange back to back. And well, this month we got a new Fiona Apple album, Fetch the Bolt Cutters, which has been a constant companion of mine this week. Everything she does is gold. 

What you can’t live without at the moment?

C: I’ve been cycling to the harbor to watch the sunrise most days. Stellar view, even if my face is numb when I get there. I usually linger a few minutes to journal or meditate.

sydney harbour

P: My Calm app. And our Provider Store candles, which are fast running low. (Heh. Really though!)

What are you looking forward to?

C: Giving everyone hugs! And tbh, a really good boogie!

P: Travel. It’s a concept that’s so far out of reach at the moment. I am very much looking forward to the day we can leave the confines of our houses/cities undaunted and carefree again.