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Who are you? 

Arvin Prem Kumar ( Sydney Based Photographer and Videographer)

What is your best time killer?

Since I’ve lost most of my freelance work, I’ve put in more time to focus on my personal creative projects. With my partner Rudy, I’ve really enjoyed styling up our bedroom /office space. I’ve also been selling my pictures as prints and enjoying the process of helping people style their homes.

Also, I finally had the guts to get into film photography  all thanks to my homie back in South Africa Li Chi). It has really allowed me to experiment with different mediums and it reminded me why I fell in love with photography.

Otherwise, I’ve been working out through Zoom, cooking heaps and getting back into my old hobbies which are painting and playing the violin (with my housemate bestie Shu Ying ). 

What are you watching?

Lots of Netflix and Youtube! However, I recently got an Amazon subscription just to watch FleaBag and I absolutely loved it. I’ve also been watching lots of classic reality tv to help switch off my brain.

What are you eating?

I don’t think I can answer this question in a couple of sentences. Cooking and eating has been an ‘essential’ in our household. One minute we are making ramen from Chaco Ramen ‘s DIY Kit to homemade Sri Lankan food as a reminder that I can create the same feelings of being at home even if my family is miles away in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I do have to mention that Rudy and I take occasional romantic walks to Mapo Newtown to get my favourite sea salt ice cream. I think they have the best ice cream in Sydney!

What are you drinking?

As a result of Covid-19, I have gotten back on to my caffeine fix to keep me motivated. I really love starting my day with a filter coffee from Any Coffee or some green tea from T Totaler. I also really believe that beauty starts from within and it applies to the men too. I have been drinking The Beauty Chef's Glow Powder everyday for the last year and it has completely changed my skin.
On the weekends we stock up wines from Cittavino. Our go-to guy Marco knows everything about European wines and he sells them at a very reasonable price.

What are you currently reading and what would you recommend?

I’ve been looking for more home inspiration lately. Anything on Design Files is an article worth reading if you like Australian interior designs.
I’d also recommend Garcon Style , Base Cast Magazine and Kinfolk Magazine if you enjoy fashion editorial work. I’d have a flick through every now and then to keep me inspired creatively.

What are you listening to?

Gimme Some- Weval. t gets me into productive mode every time.
I’d recommend the Japanese Wallpaper Radio on Spotify if you’re looking for more chilled vibes.

What you can’t live without at the moment?

I can’t live without my wine, food and skin care. 
I also have been introducing more florals and plants into my bedroom. It has been an easy way for me to bring nature into the home. Plus my Jicon Flower Vase goes well anywhere .

I must mention my Teak Pinch Candle . It usually takes me 6 months to finish a candle (because I barely use it) but since being in isolation I have been lighting up this bad boy everyday at my home/office space. Plus, I don't need to feel bad now that I can always get it refilled. 

What are you looking forward to?

Moving into my future home with Rudy. ( Yes, we are adulting and making the next move). Hosting dinners with friends and talking skin care! Finally, planning my next trip back to KL to have drunk conversations with my parents and sister about food and politics.