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Who are you?

Sahra (@sahramist), Lifestore Buyer at Goodhood & Robyn (@robynjrothwell), Assistant Manager at Reformation. East London, United Kingdom.

Sahra and Robyn
What is your best time killer?

S: I’m lucky as I’ve still been working which has kept me in a routine and got me out on my bike every morning.

R: Cooking. And if I’m not cooking, eating.

Egg Soilders

What are you watching?

S+R: Normal People. Along with the rest of the world I think... 

What are you eating?

S+R: Danish brunches. Oh and gelato, lots and lots of gelato. Black cherry is our favourite.


What are you drinking?


S+R: We’re working our way through the natural wine selection we stocked up on right before lockdown. If it isn’t wine then it’s Aperol Spritz and olives on the doorstep - you’re lucky to have a garden in London! 

natural wine


What are you currently reading and what would you recommend?

R: I’ve just finished reading Jill Soloway’s ‘She Wants It’. I read it in something like two hours. If that isn’t a book recommendation I don’t know what is. 

What are you listening to?

S: Paradise by Karen Smith.

What can’t you live without at the moment?

S+R: Boardgames! 

What are you looking forward to?

S: Booking flights to Australia to see Provider IRL.

R: Hanging out with somebody that isn’t Sahra ;)

 Provider Candle