No Thanks
If you look at the pictures of Sketch, you will see an array of dusty pink furniture, gold fittings and black and white artwork, something that resembles a Wes Anderson film. Well, the pictures do not lie, the place itself it beyond amazing. 
Upon stepping in to the Mayfair Flower festival (that the venue was hosting), we find ourselves in an Alice in Wonderland type place. Flowers and vines hanging from the ceilings, painting on the walls. We make your way down to the doors at Sketch and are welcomed by the staff who are all wearing matching outfits and seem to be all playing a character. 
We are seated and choose the high tea with champagne (obviously). The champagne man comes over and fills our glasses up somewhat dramatically. 
We are then brought over a little egg like thing with bread soldiers, which actually happens to be egg yolk and cheese (YUM).
After this, the caviar gentleman arrives in a pink suit. It's the most delicious caviar I have ever eaten (and the most expensive).
We then get to select a tea each that comes out in cute hand made white tea pots, that you can also buy when you leave. I get chai, Bec gets white and Elle gets the lychee. 
Sandwiches arrives, which are amazing. They also come on a tier with cakes and interesting things that I can't wait to try. We are allowed to keep ordering as much as we like, but I swear i've eaten nothing and already SO full. 
We spend the rest of the time eating until we can't breathe and also trying to get the best photograph, because well, it doesn't reaaally count unless you put it on Instagram... right? 
A trip to the toilet also does not disappoint. They are the most bizarre pod-like things that make you feel as if you're in a dream (or sci-fi movie).
We basically roll out of the place 2 hours later, full to the brim, very satisfied, and wishing we could do it again.