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olivia leigh morrisPractising Artist and friend of Provider, Olivia Leigh Morris, shared two of her artworks with us so we could create our latest candle packaging.

We spoke to Olivia (Liv) about what she does and how she started.

What do you do? 

I’m a practising artist in Melbourne, Australia studying Fine Art at RMIT

Tell us about this collab with Provider: 

Provider has always based their philosophies on similar practices I use within my art. I am process-driven which involves space and time and this connects with the notion of their candles. It’s a slow-burning, ritualist time field. So, the collab between us was seamless because both the candle and the aesthetic of the painting follow the same ideals.


Where are you based?

Melbourne, Australia

How did you get into painting?

I started in High School, however learnt from an artist named David Moore, who practices at Montsalvat. Moore taught me how to paint tonal still-life. I now practice in printmaking and sculpture.

Describe your artistic style? Is this different from your personal style?

My artistic style is material based, with the notion of time, and process. It connects within perhaps a subconscious aesthetic, my father is a jeweller so I use a lot of tools, and similar craftsmanship concepts that have come out unconsciously within my practice.

olivia leigh morris

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Baths, heaps and heaps of baths

Who inspires you?

Richard Serra, and girl bosses like Tara who are just making an important mark in business, creativity and society.

Favourite place in the world?


Day or night?

I can’t choose to hard

What’s in the Pipelines for Olivia Morris?

Finishing my degree, some exhibitions and moving to Amsterdam next year to study my final year in Fine Art!

olivia leigh morrisboxes

Each candle sold through Provider and our stockist will come in an Olivia Leigh Morris box.