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To Eat/Drink:


This little porridge bar in Nørrebro specialises in (you guessed it) porridge. This was the best meal we ate in all of Copenhagen. So much so, we bought the cookbook on the way out.



Found in Vesterbrø, this bar was home to great craft beer, excellent service and top notch design. This area was one of our favourites. We recommend exploring the streets and then stopping by for a cocktail by the fire.


Atelier September

You can find this café downtown. It is highly recommended for an open face sandwich and great coffee (or wine).

atelier september


A cute little bakery that makes amazing coffee.

Den Plettede Gris

A café by designer Henrik Vibskov. Full of colour and a great coffee. I even got the pleasure of meeting the man himself. I strolled through windy Christianshavn to stop by and it was worth it.

Henrik Vobskov

To See:


Superkilen is a public park in the Nørrebro district. Designed by the arts group Superflex, with the collaboration of Bjarke Ingels Group and Topotek1, a German landscape architecture firm, the park is intended to celebrate diversity. Filled with objects from around the globe, it is designed as a kind of world exposition for the local inhabitants, covering over 60 nationalities, who have been able to contribute their own ideas and artefacts to the project.


The Round Tower

Located in the middle of the city, The Round Tower is just as the name suggests. You walk alllll the way around until you get to the top and overlook the whole of Copenhagen. There's a little gallery too that you can peruse but my favourite bit was the winding path.  

round towerThe round tower

Grundtvigs Kirke

I have never been inside a church like this one. In fact, I don't think many exist. This one in particular exudes Danish design at it's finest. We got a bus here on a cold day and for about 5-10 minutes we were the only people in and outside the entire building. Now that might not seem like long, but when you're standing in the most breath taking place you've ever experienced and no one is around, it's pretty special... A little creepy but still special.


Palmehuset, Botanisk Have

Just like a lot of cities, Copenhagen has a botanical garden available to the public. However, this one is a little different than most. It's a greenhouse, right in the middle of the city. It's like stepping foot into a rainforest dream. 


To Shop:

Wood Wood

From Comme Des Garcons to Adidas, the Wood Wood stores are a mix of designer streetwear. 

Norse Store

Selling Norse Projects, Visvim, Acne and every other mid-to-high end designer we all dream of owning, Norse is one that I would recommend stopping by and potentially going broke at.


The original Hay store is located in the city. As you can imagine, it's full of Danish goodness. The only sad thing is working out how to get a couch home.


You can't come to Copenhagen if you love design and not stop by Frama. It's a concept store that blends antique with their modern designs and apothecary.

Frama Studios

Studio Arhoj

We walked in the cold and rain for over an hour to find Studio Arhoj's workshop. It was quite inspiring as while I shopped they were in the background making. Kind of like Provider.

arhojstudio arhoj

Henrik Vibskov

As a Copenhagen local, Henrik's Vibskov has made a name for the city through his quirky and oversized designs. His stores are around the city and sell a bunch of local and international designers, as well as his own stuff.

Acne Archives

For those who love Acne Studios, we would 100% recommend a stop by Acne Archives in Nørrebro. It's filled with one off samples and past season at pretty ridiculous prices. It's super close to Grød and Mirabelle. Grab a bite to eat and explore.


Black is in Vesterbrø and was one of the best stores we entered. Playing host to some of our favourite designers, it was a large open space that was simply designed. Very Danish, very amazing.

Still Ben

There's a couple of Still Ben stores in the city and each one is perfect. Assuming you're a fan of Scandinavian design and love things for the home, then drop by and take a little piece of Danish Design back with you. From prints, cushions, ceramics and candles to cutlery and books, it's got the lifestyle vibe down pat.

To be Cultured:

Louisiana Gallery

Louisiana was the best gallery we visited in all of Europe and potentially the world. While it took over an hour by train to arrive, we spent about 5 hours exploring the entire place. As you walk down the hallways full of brass sconce lights and black framed glass, you can exit out of different doors wherever you please. 

On one side you find yourself lost in a lush Scandinavian forest, on the other is the sea that overlooks Stockholm. There's amazing art and sculptures inside and out. You can enjoy a buffet lunch of open face sandwiches and many other Danish goodies, while overlooking the sea.

On the way out stop by the gift store. Even that won design awards.

lousiana gallerylousianalousiana

Danish Design Museum 

Coming here on the last night was the perfect way to end the trip. We walked through the parks where people were drinking wine and having picnics until we found the building. It was situated in a beautiful old mansion.


On Wednesday evening the gallery is free. The restaurant offers a great selection of Danish food and wine, which was a must before exploring the building. 

It was a mix of fashion design and my favourite, the Learning From Japan exhibition. It was amazing to see how Danish Design has taken inspiration from Japanese culture.

Design musesum
design muesum


We stayed in a little airbnb in Nørrebro. It was so homely, it made our trip that little more enjoyable. Book it here.