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One important thing to me when I travel (and just in life in general) is where to get a good coffee. It's really my only vice these days, besides a cheeky red wine, so I have pretty high standards. There's nothing worse than not being near your local and having to take a punt and sip something you know nothing about, especially when it's terrible.

Here are my top picks around the globe on where to get a great coffee, excellent service and the decor is on point. 

Artificer, Sydney

Found in Surry Hills, Sydney this little place make only coffee. Yep, nothing else. No food, no tea, just coffee. I have truely never had a more consistent and better coffee in my life. I am such an advocate for Artificer I even sell their beans. From batch brew to latté, Dan and Shoji certainly nail it every time. Plus, the Japanese inspired decor done by Porter and Maple is 10/10.

artificer coffee

Paramount Coffee Project, Sydney

In Sydney this is my favourite cafe. Located in the old Paramount building, it's a large and open space that blends industrial design with great coffee, excellent food and top notch service. The cafe itself has a gallery area, downstairs is a cinema and bar and the upstairs is a co-working space. The coffee is perfection.

Paramount Coffee

Little Loco, Brisbane

Every time I go visit my sister in Brisbane I make sure I stop by Little Loco. This cafe is in a tiny little Queenslander home. The decor is minimal and cute and the coffee is amazing, always.

little loco

Manchester Press, Melbourne

Whenever in Melbourne city I always make a stop at Manchester Press to eat a bagel and have a cup of coffee. Whether it's a long black or flat white, I love this place. I love it for the decor, the menu and their great caffeinated beverages.

Café Kitsune, Paris

As someone who loves Maison Kitsuné clothing, checking out their cafe in Paris was a must. Walking through a little side lane and down stairs into this small but homely room and ordering my delicious coffee was one thing, taking my coffee outside to sit under a Parisian tree lined park was next level. This is one I would recommend to anyone who needed a caffeine hit and wanted a bit of downtown.

Kitsune cafe kitsune

Honor, Paris

You can find Honor hidden down an alley way next to Comme Des Garçons and a stone throw from Colette. It looks like a portable little cube but it's not going anywhere fast. I ordered a long black and a frittata. It was a pleasant little experience, away from the hustle and bustle of Paris.  


Fragments, Paris

This was my favourite cafe in Paris. Down a side street in La Marais you can find Fragments. Its cute little facade has a bike rack out the front, along with a bench. Inside you will find a huge Jackie Chan poster, incredibly creamy coffee and avo on toast. I was incredibly satisfied by every part of Fragments.


Companion Coffee at Voo Store, Berlin

I came to Voo Store to admire their eclectic collection of designer good such as Acne, Marni, APC, Lemaire and more. I also realised they had a little cafe in store where you could get a cup and read a cool design mag. While I had to explain what a flat white was, the girl nailed it and then I went back 2 days in a row and she knew straight away what to make.

Father Carpenter, Berlin

Down in Mitte, I went to Father Carpenter to wait for the shops to open. It's down this path that opens up into a hidden courtyard. The service was epic and my coffee was everything you want. I guess they do call it a "little piece of Melbourne in Berlin".

Le Bon, Berlin

Poached eggs, breakfast mimosas and perfect coffee = Le Bon. Get in there, it's great!

Le Bon

Ace Hotel, London

The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch is a hub for freelance creatives to tap on laptops, talk with hands free and sip nitro expresso. Sounds pretentious (and it kinda is), but I would be lying if I said I didn't want to join... Which I did, multiple times while in London. Coffee is excellent, decor is outta control and the vibe is definitely "cool".

The Good Egg, London

On the main street in Stoke Newington, The Good Egg has this pleasant decor with lots of natural light and people brunching. The coffee and little cake was exactly what I needed as morning tea before getting on the tube to shop my life away.

good egg

Mirabelle, Copenhagen

This place was a short walk from my Airbnb in Nørrebro. It's a cute and warm welcoming bakery that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. While the Krone to AUD situation meant I paid almost $10 for my coffee, it was pretty damn good.


Casa Lapin, Bangkok

It's an on going joke that my Bangkok buying trips are sponsored by Casa Lapin. There's 4 locations and I have been to every single one multiple times. My main one, Casa Lapin x 26m is in Khlong Toei. They do a mean breakfast and their coffee is perfect every single time. Out the back of Casa Lapin x 26 is a cute and well design co-working space.

Casa Lapin

Clamp Coffee, Kyoto


Clamp Coffee was a recommendation by the guy who owns Me Me Me in Toyko. We rode bikes down a little side alley that opened up to a cafe and a florist. Inside we sat at the counter and ordered a little breakfast plate with a boiled egg on thick, fluffy and sweet toast and of course, coffee. This was the first time I had seen anyone use a pour over and it started my obsession with them, and also to one day open a cute little cafe/shop.

Shozo Coffee, Tokyo

When I went to Ayoama in Tokyo, I found Shozo. It was this tiny little house next to the design school. This place has been a big inspiration for Provider. The girls working were so polite and while the coffee was slightly different to Australia, it was creamy and delicious.