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Having fresh, clean towels is just as good as climbing into a nicely made bed with crisp, dryer-warm sheets. So when we discovered the ultimate bath towel from Japanese brand Shinto, we were thrilled!
We first saw Shinto Towel at our cute hotel in Kyoto and then went on a hunt to track them down. Not only are they a pleasure to work with, their towels blend innovation with creativity. By using old methods combined with modern technology, Shinto Towel have super high absorbency and a lovely soft touch.

2.5 Gauge

The "2.5-weight gauze towel" was created by using a special weave in which the middle of the triple gauze fabric is halved using 20-count cotton yarn. By weaving irregularly it results in a super soft touch, while maintaining the height of water absorption. They are bulky, unsuspecting, and excellent in quick drying.
Shinto Towel 2.5 Gauge


The Senshu towel is refined by atozarashi, a process whereby starch and other impurities are removed through a special cleaning process after weaving. For the Yukine, Shinto uses this technique twice, maximizing the natural absorbency of cotton to its highest potential. Yukineyukine

Inner Pile 

The "Inner pile" is developed by original technology that sandwiches a pile gauze on both sides. A skilled craftsman takes the time and effort to weave on an old-fashioned shuttle machine. This towel's gentle touch is by the gauze on the surface, and high water absorption comes from the centre pile. 
inner pile