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Who are you?

AlexiI’m Alexi. I live in the neighbourhood, work in media and am completely obsessed with all things Japanese.


What is your best time killer? 

Japanese maple

I’m actually pretty happy being at home and can easily waste a day pottering, rearranging and cooking. But I am missing my little dog who died last year as she would have absolutely have loved isolation and all of this time working from home.  


What are you watching?

I’m really enjoying Normal People on Stan. I’m watching it with a friend and we’re rationing the episodes as I don’t want it to end.  

What are you eating?


I’ve been working my way through my cookbooks and really enjoyed the Cornersmith salads book and Meera Sodha Vegetarian Indian book. And I loved this recipe for winter stewed fruit

What are you drinking?

Embarrassingly – anything going! Sake, a chardy, natural wines from Bottle Rocket and any of the cutely packaged little Negronis. I justify this drinking on the basis of supporting local businesses!

What are you reading?

The Way of Whisky by Dave Broom. I don’t know anything about whisky but it has the most beautiful photography and (I think) really captures the mindset of the Japanese towards making things.  

What are you listening to? 

I adore the Japan Eats podcast and wait for each new episode of that to come out. She’s got such a beautiful manner and feels as close to travel as we will get for a while. Otherwise a lot of the MyChameleon From Home With Love playlist.


What you can’t live without at the moment?

A really good hard online pilates class with Anna at onehotyoga – she is the best.

What are you looking forward to?

Just normal life – going for a wine, hugging friends, being somewhere with good atmosphere. And (hopefully) getting to Tokyo for the Olympics – they will do it with such love and care.