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Who are you?

Dan Yee, born and raised in Sydney, co-owner of Artificer Specialty Coffee Bar & Roastery in Surry Hills and second fiddle to Tracey, my wife.

Dan Yee
What is your best time killer?

Bejeweled Stars, YouTube and working on my motorbikes.

What are you watching?

Ozark Season 3. And just finished watching Stand By Me for the 10000th time.

What are you eating?


We’ve been ordering produce boxes from Ooooby lately, so loads of seasonal veg. And I love pasta so that always happens. Takeaway ramen from Chaco Bar and I seem to be stopping into Shwarmama alot lately. Basically anything Mat Lindsay (Ester, Poly) touches is gonna be tasty.


What are you drinking?

Rye, Contratto, Dolin Vermouth and orange.


Your favourite book and why?

TBH I don’t read many books. People love ragging on it but really the only one I read is the Bible. Love or hate on it all you want but you’re getting a better version of me with it than without it. I totally see that the application of its teachings have been manipulated (from its original intention), abused and used by “religious” humans for their selfish gain forever. I try (and often fail) to apply it to re-centre myself for the good of others. It teaches “no one is good, not even one”. Even the ones we revere are not impervious to stumbling. I like knowing that there is something better(in every way) than we are, cos low-key; humans suck (as much as loving) and have proven it forever. Without it, I’d probably be (even) more of a dick to people I didn’t know well and more hurtful to the people I love the most.

Your favourite album/artist?

According to Spotify; Soundgarden- Superunknown. But anything Thom Yorke is involved in does it for me. And Prince. Always.

What you can’t live without at the moment?

My phone & my caravan on Bruny Island Tasmania. I manage my life and work from my phone. Bruny is my mental and physical respite where I can let my mind think its thoughts to fruition or concentrate only what is in front of my face. Also I get a solid 4G connection across the channel to aid in the “part (a)”.

Dan YeeWhat are you looking forward to?

I was meant to go to France for a month in May/June to drink all the wine in Jura and eat all the food. I’d still like to do that when this COVID craziness ends.

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