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Who are you? 

Freddy Bolt and Tristan van Drempt. 
We are based in South Yarra, Melbourne.

tristan and freddy
What is your best time killer? 

We love our boardgames and have been making date nights out of them.
I’m also trying to teach Tristan pilates, which has been humorous! 

What are you watching?

The Office (UK) for laughs and Bon Appétit Test Kitchen videos for foodie inspo.

Boiler Room sets have kept our weekends “weekend-ish”.

What are you eating? 

Tristan is the cook of our home and he’s been making lots of treats! A favourite is an Apple Galette with cream and Dutch Speculaas cookies.


What are you drinking?

A lot of organic pinot noir and Campari spritz. Tristan has apparently fallen in love with lemons and is putting it in everything.


What are you currently reading?

Tristan is currently reading ‘Humble Pi - Matt Parker’ and I’m reading ‘The 5am Club - Robin Sharma’. I bought this book pre-iso to change up my morning routine to give me more time to focus on myself. While I’m not aiming to wake at 5am anymore, it’s helping to keep me inspired to not sleep in.


We have been flipping through our coffee table books a lot, my all-time favourite is ‘Entryways of Milan – Ingressi Di Milano’.



What are you listening to?

Listening and building our music playlist has been really fun for the both of us. It’s exciting for us to find artists that we connect and have fun with. ‘B-A-B-Y - Carla Thomas’ is our current fav song.

Still Bill – Bill Withers’ has been making an appearance again, since the recent news of his passing.

What you can’t live without at the moment?

Making new displays with our Provider vases and serving plates has helped us keep things fresh around our home.

provider vases

We are also very lucky to have some brilliant local businesses off our street. A few of our favourites are Entrecôte, Gilsons and Botanical Hotel. Lovely wines, French cheese and fresh veggies.

What are you looking forward to?

Honestly just seeing friends/family and mid-week bevs at our favourite local bar Canecutters.


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