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Devoted collectors of Japanese Be@arbricks, the Bear House is a holiday home owned by a family in Cha-Ann Beach, Thailand.
Building a multi-story display case to hold their incredible range of collectables, the rest of the house was then designed to have similar features throughout.
The display cabinet uses little ladders, and you will find ladders through the home, including one that leads out to the master bedroom. 
interior design bearbrick house
Featuring oak panels that compose most of the house with contrasting white railings, the Bear House takes up 380m2 of land. With a swimming pool, square skylights, oversize voids, and windows of different scales, each bedroom on the upper floors overlook the hall of living area.
oak panelling bearbrick house
master bedroom
Arisara Chaktranon and Siriyot Chaiamnuay from Onion, asked Thai graffiti artists MMFK and P7 to paint the walls of the living room and swimming-pool to add to the playful decoration of the house.
graffiti artist
BE@RBRICKS are designed and produced by Japan’s MediCom Toy. The company was founded in 1996 to make limited edition figures and licensed products. Many artists have collaborated with Be@arbricks such as Vivian Westwood, Stash and the BAPE.. They are twenty-eight centimetres high and referred to as 400% Be@rbricks as its actual size, or a 100% Be@rbrick, is seven centimetres high and then 1000%.
Designed by Arisara Chaktranon and Siriyot Chaiamnuay from Onion
Images from Deezen.