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Sitting in a Walsh valley, this little slate covered cabin is the perfect place to light a fire, make a cuppa tea and get creative.
Made entirely from light birch plywood and reclaimed slate tiles, this one bedder is situated in a secluded valley surrounded by windswept hills and grazing pastures.
 "In response to this beautiful yet harsh landscape, the cabin is a reductive black box that is anchored to the ground," said TRIAS. "It provides protection and respite to visitors who wish to escape the wind, rain and snow."
fire place
The outside, made from Welsh slate, was sourced locally. It can be found throughout the surrounding mountains. 
The front door opens to the main function area.
"The main room is designed as a crafted piece of joinery," said the studio. "Subtle shifts and steps are used to differentiate between functions, creating rooms within a larger volume".
A bed on a raised platform extends towards the end wall, and a desk has been placed in front of a window to frame a view of the mountains and fields.
The bed's headboard is multi-function and turns into a table and seating, it is positioned opposite a sink and wood-burning stove that can be used for cooking.
Windows between the tops of the walls and the roof extend all the way around the cabin, bringing an abundant of natural light.
"To create a serene experience, the cabin is built of as few materials as possible," TRIAS added. "Soft, gentle tones and textures intentionally contrast the stark stone exterior."
Images by Dezeen.