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This villa with a farm was designed by MDS, Kiyotoshi Mori & Natsuko Kawamura. Located at the foot of the mountain, it was designed with the purpose that the residents could grow their own veggies.

Yatsugatake can be found in the middle part of the mountain's side - it's renowned for being one of Tokyo's summer holiday locations, but is also known for it's extreme weather (hot in summer, freezing in winter).

The residents of this abode are an elderly couple, who moved away from the city and wanted to spend the remaining years of their lives farming and being surrounded by the country side. However, being situated in the harsh environment, it was necessary for the house to be built not rely on air conditioning and heaters through seasonal change.

The amount of light that enters the home was well thought out, so the residents can enjoy warmth of the sun in winter at any time of the day. In summer, the extended roof and walls block are designed to shade the interior. The architects also positioned the windows south and north side of the home, this allows a nice breeze to flow through the house.


Photographs from: Toshiyuki Yano taken from Arch Daily