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Provider's online blog bringing you the latest trends and products in homewares and interior design.

New Brand: KINO – Tokyo Tree Products

We are super excited to introduce the newest addition to the Provider family... Kino Tree Products. Kino has a warming back story and just like Provider, is an environmentally friendly and ethical brand.
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Design Appreciation: Shinichiro Ogata

After travelling the globe to follow his love of Western design, it was soon after that Shinichiro Ogata realised the world had actually been learning from his heritage, Japan.
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Okomeya Rice Shop

This tiny little shop is architecturally designed and bringing life back to a once prospering retail street.
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International Women's Day

This year we were so excited to be asked by The Boundless Edit to be included in their March Series. The amazing woman behind TBE, Lilli, came into our Surry Hills studio to interview our founder Tara Bennett. 
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Provider Indoors: Kayla Foran

Provider Indoors #1: Freelance writer and photographer, Kayla White, takes us through her Sydney home and shows us what she's inspired by.
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Slow Weekend

Our guide to a weekend indoors...
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Guntû Japan

Not being a cruise person myself, Guntû is one I would happily step aboard.
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Our Guide to Travel Guides

These days all our adventures are lead by the tricks and tips in our favourite city guides.
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Old World Charm

With it's 19th century facade, French designer C.S Valentin revamped this Bellport house starting with the furniture.
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Our little Guide to Copenhagen

One the most breathtaking places we've ever visited. From design, to food and over all vibe.
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