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Ceramic Pinch Cup Candle Large - Teak

$ 89.00

The Ceramic Pinch Cup Candle features a hand made jar that features pinched sides for easy holding. Using 100% soy wax that is poured in Provider’s Surry Hills workshop, our candles are not only natural and unique, they are all multi-purpose. Once the wax has burnt down, pop out the wick, wash with hot soapy water and you’re left with a coffee cup, cocktail mug, pot planter or vase.

- 100% soy wax
- Hand made vessel
- Approx. 55 hr burn time



Cherry Blossom – Tonka bean, vanilla and oriental woods

Tabako – Leather, Tobacco, Cardamom, clove

Hikari – Sandalwood, fir needle, bergamot, oud

Dāku – Earthy Fig, oak, caramel

Kumo – Peach, Leather, Smoke, Peony + Vanilla

Komorebi - Hinoki, Japanese pine, cedarwood, conifers + incense