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JiwaJiwa Natural Yuzu Soap

$ 38.00

Jiwajiwa's soap is an additive-free bar that does not contain any synthetic fragrances or colouring agents. Designed to wash your face, body and hair, its safe ingredient list means they're are gentle on the skin.

Using the “cold pressed method”, means it's carefully manufactured at low temperatures, each component is not oxidised, and the goodness of the material is packed in soap.

Using Nara Yoshino Hinok from a forestry town that produces high-quality timber,
the scent is effective for relaxation and healing. Hinoki aroma oil is often used in massage to relieve fatigue, swelling, and coolness. When you use Jiwajiwa's additive-free soap, the scent of cypress drifts gently and you'll feel as if you're in the forest.

- Cold pressed

- 100% natural

- Use on face and body

- Great for removing make up