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Coffee Dripper – White


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Made in the Mino Province from stoneware, this coffee dripper is ideal for 1-2 cups. Designed and crafted by Japanese ceramic brand Chips, who launched a secondary brand called Ancient Pottery, their aim is to create everyday items with a timeless aesthetic.

How to use

Place your Coffee Dripper on top of your cup, simply add your V60 filter paper inside the dripper, then your ground coffee beans (approx 15-20g) and the consistently but slowly pour boiling water until the filter is full. Let is drain through and repeat. 


- 118 x 100 x H68cm

- 1~2cup / 3holes


Tajimi, Japan
41.0025° N, 113.7305° E

Tajimi is a city in central Japan. It's known for its ceramics, which are on display at the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art. In the south, the Mosaic Tile Museum is set in a striking building designed to resemble a mound of earth. 

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