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Any Coffee Beans - 100g


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Recently when we were in Nara, Japan we stumbled across Any - a cute little coffee shop with the sweetest couple running it. Their beans were so delicious we went back every day for a coffee and to say hello to Yutaro and Chiharu. We loved their coffee so much we wanted you to try it too.



- 100g of coffee beans roasted in Nara, Japan
- Comes in a white tube

Altitude / Altitude: 1740
State / Region: Nyeri / Nyeri
varieties / Variety: SL28, SL34
taste for / Tasting note:
Red grape, currant, juicy / Vibrant red grape acidity, black currant and juicy mouthfeel.


In 2019 we were in Nara from a work trip with JETRO. Being on Australian time, we woke super early and roamed the quiet streets. If you have ever been to Japan you will know that they don't have the same early morning coffee culture as we do. So it was to my surprise that open at 7am was Any, a cute little cafe off the main strip in Nara. The coffee was amazing, as was the homemade granola. We went back every day for our coffee fix and now still call the owners, Chiharu & Yutaro today.

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