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Carver's Keyhole Saw - 135mm


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This is a saw for those who work at small scales and aren't necessarily looking for just straight cuts but would also like the possibility of some gentle curves entering their sawing routine.


Blade length: 135mm

Blade thickness: 0.5mm

Overall length: 250mm

Teeth depth: 1.5mm

Distance between teeth: 1mm

Handle width: 10mm



This saw has quite big teeth for its size, giving it a certain amount of speed but also making it easier to work with in soft or green woods rather than very hard timbers. 

Useful for hogging the corners off of carving blanks that would otherwise take a while to rasp off and for putting in stop cuts for a knife to work to. 



Michihamono is a carving-knife manufacturer with a long history, located in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, known as the home of blade-making in Japan. They strive to create knives that meet the customers' needs and actively engage in a wide range of efforts to expand their user base.

Each and every one of their carving knives is produced by hand by professional craftsmen at their company plant. Michihamono aim to provide customers with handmade knives that have a human touch, and to create blades that are perfectly tailored to their needs. In particular, as they produce each individual knife, they pay the utmost care to sharpness, which is what gives a blade its life. The joy and exhilaration each user feels when they first cut into wood with one of our carving knives is our greatest joy.



Miki is a city in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The town developed around a castle built by Bessho Naganori in 1468 and captured by the Hideyoshi clan in 1580. Subsequently, the economy centred on hardware manufacture, and, during the Meiji period (1868–1912), the city was a major supplier of hardware in Japan. After World War II the industry declined, and Miki was restructured as a satellite city of metropolitan Kōbe

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