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Ceramic Lemon Juicer


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Made in Seto, this little ceramic lemon juicer is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. Featuring a grey speckled glaze, it's perfect for juicing lemons, oranges and limes.


10cm x 7cm 

Dishwasher safe


Many years ago on a trip to Kyoto, we were riding bikes around Gion. We decided to ride further for lunch and stopped off at this little homewares store we found on the way. Inside was a bunch of wonderful home goods, magazines, the odd tin of mackerel and a cool man making filter coffee. We filled our back pack with Yuzu soda, some guides to Japan and a little ceramic juicer. When we got home we reached out to the store and asked if they could make them for Provider. Now Kimura Kazuhiko has been helping us get these sent over ever since.


Seto, Japan
35.2232° N, 137.0939° E

Seto (瀬戸市, Seto-shi) is a city located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is one of Japan's most historic centres of pottery-making and ceramics, with production going back to at least the 10th century 

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