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Chamfered Kyusu Teapot


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In 1890, Yoshiyasu Yamamoto's grandparents noticed that the soil and clay in Kurayoshi City was suitable for making pottery, so they moved there to start their ceramic making business. Since then Yamamoto's family have been making pottery for four generations. This teapot features a white glaze with textured honey comb detailing.




In 1890, Yoshiyasu Yamamoto's grandparents noticed that the soil in Kurayoshi City was suitable for making pottery. Since then the Kokuzou Kiln has been running for four generations.

 Near the kiln, there is a mound dedicated to a chieftain named "Kuni no Miyatsuko", who was from Hoki.The locals nicknamed the place Kokuzo-san.In 1975,

They have lived in an environment where we can look up at Mount Hoki-Daisan in the morning and evening, and we have lived with the soil since their grandparents' generation.


Each piece is baked at a maximum of 1260 ℃ for 14 hours, then slowly cooled in the kiln for 48 hours.


16.5cm x 14cm x 12cm




Kurayoshi is a city located in the central part of Tottori Prefecture, Japan. As of October 1, 2016, the city has an estimated population of 48,558 and a population density of 180 persons per km², making it the third largest city in Tottori

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