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Constellation Mobile – Black


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This mobile was made by Tempo and designed by Drill Design Studio in Japan and was made so that gravity unfolds its own shape. With a concept of being a "moving sculpture", its parts are connected in an exquisite balance that move gracefully in the slightest breeze, creating a comfortable accent in the space and atmosphere. 

The tempo mobile series is a new form of product with an approach to time and space. They are meant to be answers to the challenge of mass and balance given by the architects and designers. Each piece of the tempo mobiles is carefully handcrafted by assembly professionals to reach the perfect balance.


W6.50cm x H110ccm


A design studio by Yusuke Hayashi and Yoko Anzai. Established in 2001. Focusing on product design, he designs and directs across categories such as graphic, packaging, and space design. Based on the idea that design is not a purpose but a means of creating the future, we are exploring new possibilities that open up from creation.



Tochigi is a Japanese prefecture north of Tokyo that encompasses part of Nikko National Park. The cedar-filled park contains volcanic Mt. Nantai and the adjacent Lake Chūzenji, formed when the mountain erupted. At the lake’s east end are the picturesque, 97-meter Kegon Falls. 

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