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Folding Ruler - 1m


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Made from fibreglass and nylon resin, these folding rules are tough and compact. Their mechanisms have been tested to withstand 25,000 folding operations with no signs of wear.

Each section is 3.2mm thick and 15mm wide. Folded length is 23cm.



They feature spring-loaded stops to click the sections in firmly at 0 degrees (when folded), 90 degrees and 180 degrees. They can't flop around while in use, and require a deliberate action to close them up after everything is measured.

These rulers are non-conductive, unlike measuring tapes.



Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. was established in 1971 by the integration of three measuring instrument manufacturers: Watanabe Doki Seisakusho, Hanyu Keiki and Watasei Doki Seisakusho. At that time, the primary concern was enhancing the productivity of our manufacturing plants in anticipation of a rapid increase in production volume due to Japan’s dramatic economic growth. For that reason, they installed automated plating machinery and extended manufacturing plants. They also installed a wastewater treatment facility to make sure hazardous materials did not leak out with our discharged water; Shinwa were an eco-conscious corporation even back then.



Niigata is a port city on Honshu, Japan’s main island. The Minatopia history museum complex includes heritage buildings like the 19th-century Niigata Customs House.

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