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Fox Face


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This Fox Face is crafted from Japanese paper on wood. With a limited amount made, the workshop apply whitewash and Japanese paint to give the final finish. 

10cm x d.21cm x h.8cm


Most of the Japanese paper used is made from kozo, which is characterised by its long fibres. When laminating, the fibres are long when the Japanese paper is torn, so fluffing is good, so it is sometimes difficult to see the seams when laminating. If the unevenness is conspicuous when stacking, the finish will not be beautiful, so the work of pasting as a base will be a delicate and detailed work. The curved surface and intricate parts are neatly layered with paper to increase the strength, the surface is removed from the wooden pattern, and whitewash is applied, and various brushes are used to color the finished product.

Please note that the colouring will bleed if you touch it with wet hands or wipe it with water. * Due to the nature of the product, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity.



Tottori is the capital city of Tottori Prefecture in the Chūgoku region of Japan.

If you walk about 100m north of Kannonin Garden (a nationally designated scenic spot), you will find their craft shop just halfway between the shrine and the Nikko Toshogu Shrine (built in 1650 by soliciting the spirit of Nikko Toshogu).

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