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Futagami Brass Kobo Coaster


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"Kobo" meaning "rays" or "radiance", perfectly encapsulates the bold patterns and lines of this beautiful brass coaster.

d115 x h20mm


Takaoka, Japan.


Brass, Silicone.


It is highly recommended to keep the coasters dry after usage.  If any liquid is left on the coasters for a long period of time, the minerals in the water will accumulate and create white stains. To remove the water stains, dilute 5 % citric acid with water to make a solution.  Use this solution to wipe the coaster with a clean cloth then rise and dry well.


Any drops of water that run down the glass to the coaster slide into the ray patterns, creating a space that allows the coaster not to stick to any drink. At the back of the coaster, there is a silicone ring that prevents damaging of tables or any surface.



Takaoka is a city on the coast of Japan's Honshu Island. The central Takaokakojo Park is home to the ruins of Takaoka Castle, plus water-filled moats and spring cherry blossoms.

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