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Hand Squeezed Yuzu Juice


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The incredible Yuzu fruit has become well known in recent years due to its unique, zesty flavour. This large yellow citrus with a flavour profile somewhere between a grapefruit, mandarin and cumquat adds a distinctive piquancy to any dish.



To produce this pure juice, Ito-Farm has developed an original squeezing method which is all done entirely BY HAND. This is as opposed to inferior processes such as the 'in-line method' (whole fruits are press-squeezed and the skin is removed afterwards by centrifugation) or the 'chopper-pulp' method, with the fruit boiled to separate the outer skin and then peeled and press-squeezed. Both have the same drawbacks in terms of flavour.

Ito-Farm's process prevents both the outer skin and inner skin getting into the juice, cutting the fruit in half and gently squeezing out the juice using a hemispherical mould. This results in pure juice only with a refreshing taste and no bitterness from the pith.  Of course no sugar, additives or preservatives are used.

This quality makes all the difference in your cooking. We believe it's the highest quality Yuzu juice available, absolutely delicious and adding a completely new dimension in terms of flavour and aroma to your dishes. 

Try it in sorbets, mayonnaise, dressings, mousses, chocolate fillings, cocktails, sauces, marinades, vinaigrettes ... and you'll appreciate what a wonder ingredient this is.



Yokkaichi is a city located in Mie Prefecture, Japan. As of August 2015, the city had an estimated population of 306,107 and a population density of 1,480 persons per km². The total area was 206.44 square kilometres.

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