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Hariko Shiba Inu Set


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A Inu-Hariko is made from papier-mâché. Said to be for good luck, this one comes with three shiba inu, each hand made and painted that carefully slot into each other like a babushka doll.

Width 7.5 cm x Depth 11.5cm x Height 11.5cm ( Large )
Width 5cm x Depth 7cm x Height 7.5cm ( Middle )
Width 3cm x Depth 4cm x Height 5cm ( Small )


Inu-hariko are papier-mâché dogs first made in the Edo Period as charms for childbirth and child-rearing. It is made by affixing many layers of paper to a frame made of clay or woven bamboo. Once the glue is dry, the frame is removed, leaving a lightweight character.



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