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HB Pencil - 3 Pack


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The most important tool in the workshop? Whether you stash it behind your ear, shove it in your pocket, leave it on the bench or lose it in a drawer, the humble pencil gets used all day, every day.


Each packet contains three pencils.

Sharpen them with a knife, sharpen them on a sanding block, or sharpen them with our delightful kanna pencil sharpener - just keep them sharp!



Shinwa Rules Co., Ltd. was established in 1971 by the integration of three measuring instrument manufacturers: Watanabe Doki Seisakusho, Hanyu Keiki and Watasei Doki Seisakusho. At that time, the primary concern was enhancing the productivity of our manufacturing plants in anticipation of a rapid increase in production volume due to Japan’s dramatic economic growth. For that reason, they installed automated plating machinery and extended manufacturing plants. They also installed a wastewater treatment facility to make sure hazardous materials did not leak out with our discharged water; Shinwa were an eco-conscious corporation even back then.



Niigata is a port city on Honshu, Japan’s main island. The Minatopia history museum complex includes heritage buildings like the 19th-century Niigata Customs House.

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