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Hinoki Lab Essential Oil – Hinoki Wood


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This is a very special oil that's made in Okayama, Japan. This oil was made in Okayama, Japan from carefully selected sustainably harvested hinoki timbers, that are specifically are used for our essential oils. The spicy and woody scent is designed to relax you deeply.

Made in a small village, Hinoki Lab are all about sustainability and quality. They use sustainability sourced trees and individually hand pick each branch to create a range of beautifully natural products.

Their steam-distilled Hinoki Leaf essential oil has a light lemony, green odour with refreshing Hinoki aroma, rich in sesquiterpenes and diterpenes, consisting of unique diterpene – Hibaene.




Okayama, Japan

Okayama is the capital city of its namesake prefecture, in western Japan.Okayama's most famous attraction is Korakuen Garden, which is ranked as one of the three best landscape gardens in Japan.

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