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Hoki Style Pruning Hatchet with Leather Satchel


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A sturdy and reliable hatchet used for debranching. Based on the designs of the sword-making style of the Hōki Province. During hand forging black leather is intentionally left over the spine when etching leaving behind a natural contrast in the metal that also hardens it. Also comes with a satchel for stowing away your garden tools while not in use.


Blade length: 135 mm
Blade material: blue steel
Blade shape: double-edged
Total length: 350mm
Handle material: paracord
Weight: 550 g

Leather bag: 17.5 cm x 38 cm


Hoki Kurayoshi has produced many famous swords of tamahagane steel (玉鋼) tama meaning "precious" and hagane meaning "steel. Tamahagane has been made from iron sand in the San'in region since ancient times and inheriting the technology, Yashima Agricultural Equipment Co. have recently provided Kurayoshi products nationwide through the production of rice blades and other products.



Hoki Province (伯耆国, Hōki no kuni) was an old province of Japan in the area that is today the western part of Tottori Prefecture.[1] It was sometimes called Hakushū (伯州). Hōki bordered on Inaba, Mimasaka, Bitchū, Bingo, and Izumo Provinces.

Tottori Prefecture is home to the Tottori Sand Dunes, the largest sand dunes system in Japan, and Mount Daisen, the highest peak in the Chūgoku Mountains.

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