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Ishinomaki High End Bookend


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A tad taller than other bookends, but still the perfect size. Not only does it easily prop up your documents, but other functions can be discovered depending on how you use it – for example, as a board for sticking notes or as a partition.


Sold separately 

Raw Cedar

W150 x D180 x H330 mm

Designed by Torafu Architects

About  Ishinomaki Laboratory: 

Founded in 2011, Ishinomaki Laboratory started as a simple, public workshop for the local community devastated by the tsunami triggered by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Along with running DIY workshops for residents affected by the disaster, we participated in restoring and renovating local shops – as well as creating spaces where people could reimagine the future of the city together.

With the help of global furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, a team of designers lead by architect Keiji Ashizawa, volunteered to help local residents of Sendai rebuild their property by donating materials and expertise.  The result is products that are charmingly simple yet functional and attractive.

shinomaki Laboratory's creative indoor and outdoor designs which are supplied by emerging and established designers and then made locally by residents of Miyagi Prefecture, are now marketed beyond the local community.

Ishinomaki Laboratory was awarded the coveted 2012 Good Design Award in Japan.

About Keiji Ashizawa:

After graduating from Yokohama University School of Architecture in 1995, Ashizawa spent the first ten years of his career working as both an architect and steel fabricator. The unique skills and experience gained throughout these early years, including a valued understanding of metals, continue to influence his approach to design.


Tokyo, Japan
35.6894° N, 139.6917° E

Miyagi is a Japanese prefecture north of Tokyo on the east coast of Honshu island. It has a Pacific coastline, western mountains and several natural parks. Matsushima city is set on a bay with 250 rocky islands topped with pine trees, and the Zuigan-ji Zen temple has an art museum and an avenue of cedars. In Miyagi's capital, Sendai, are the remains of 17th-century Sendai Castle, built for samurai lord Date Masamune

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