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Hinoki Bath Stool – Small


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This little stool was crafted from Japanese cypress (hinoki) and is used as a bathing stool at ryokans, onsens and hot springs. Hinoki wood is naturally antibacterial and renowned for its strength and calming woody aroma.


Chamaecyparis obtusa (Japanese cypresshinoki cypress or hinoki; Japanese: 檜 or 桧 hinoki) is a species of cypress native to central Japan in East Asia. For centuries Chamaecyparis Obtusa, known as Hinoki has been praised for its countless and precious uses: from building of ancient Japanese temples and shrines to its therapeutic aroma that helps to achieve a peaceful state of mind, sterilization and many other benefits.


25.5 x16.5 x15.5 cm

Naturally antibacterial

Made in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture


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