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Japanese Summer Cold Pressed Soap

$ 30.00

Made in Japan by Mutenka Sekken, this seasonal Summer Soap is crafted from natural ingredients that cleanse and is gentle on sunburned skin during the sunny summer season. With a refreshing citrus grapefruit and orange scent, it will be your daily ritual for the hotter months.

Contains: nourishing olive oil, Na hydroxide Rice bran oil, clay minerals, Getto leaf, water Ascorbic acid, Aloe extract, Moonflower oil, orange oil, grapefruit peel oil, Lemon oil/

Due to the characteristics of the cold process manufacturing method, the soap is rich in natural moisturising ingredient glycerin, making it super gentle and nourishing.

- Made in Japan

- 90g

- Can be used for face, body and hair


Please test on a small patch of skin before using. If irritation happens, discontinue use.