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JiwaJiwa Bath Herb - Biwa leaf and Dokudami

$ 19.00

Made in Nara, Japan, these bath herbs are crafted from locally sourced and natural materials. Designed as a detox, Biwa leaf and Dokudami is a combination of plants that have been used for health and beauty in Japan and other countries since ancient times.

The use of Biwa leaves has a long history, as described in Indian Buddhist scriptures thousands of years ago. Japan has also been used for people's health since the Nara period.

Dokudami, which have pretty white flowers and heart-shaped leaves, has been used in daily life and has used in Japan since the Edo period. JiwaJiwa carefully hand-pick these up on Nara and Uda farms, which are rich in nature.

How to use:

      1. Put the bath herb into the bathtub (do not open sack).
      2. Add hot water to the bathtub. Plant extract with come out slowly.
      3. Take a bath while bathing with bath herbs. Enjoy the natural fragrance that spreads gently through the water.

* Bath herbs can be used twice per one. After use, lightly squeeze the water and place it next to the bathtub. If you want to use it after a long day, dry it in a well-ventilated place.

After using as a bath herb, it can also be used as a deodorant item. Please dry it thoroughly in the sun before using it in a shoe box or drawer.