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Kasuri Snood – Whitecap


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As a traditional fabric that has been dyed and woven in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture since the late Edo period, this Kasuri is slowly woven on a shuttle loom, the cotton fabric is fluffy and airy, with a silky, comfortable feel that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Wear it as a scarf or use it as a light throw around the house. 



85 x 70cm

100% cotton

Indigo Dyed

Water repellent

The weaving yarn of cotton is dyed with natural dyes such as indigo and persimmon astringent, and by dyeing it partially, a beautiful pattern peculiar to Kasuri with shades is created.



Hiroshima, a modern city on Japan's Honshu Island, was largely destroyed by an atomic bomb during World War II. Since being rebuilt after the war, Hiroshima has become the largest city in the Chūgoku region of western Honshu. Prominent sites include Shukkei-en, a formal Japanese garden, and Hiroshima Castle, a fortress surrounded by a moat and a park.

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