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Kino Making Kit: Spoon

$ 35.00

The Kino Making Kits are all the way from Tokyo, Japan. They are designed for you to make your own wooden sppon by hand, through a fun and slow process of carving the wood, sanding and then polishing them. 

They are available in Japanese Cedar, which is lighter in colour and softer so it can be cut easily. And Hinoki, which is a harder wood with a whitish colour and has a lovely smell.

Each kit contains:

  • Wood for carving
  • Sand paper
  • Instructions
  • Beeswax 

In the Tama area of Japan, 60% of the forest was man made in order to meet the demand for large-scale residential building materials. Natural forests were cut down and a large amount of cedar and cypress were planted. However, the demand for domestic timber has declined significantly as foreign-made materials are cheaper to obtain. 

The forest and wood is now being neglected because it does not sell even if it is cut down. KINO is now using these mountain trees in Tokyo to create fun and environmentally friendly utensils.