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Mainichi-Koh Moss Green – 280 sticks


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Mainichi-Koh Moss green Japanese incense is part of the long-lasting incense range produced by renowned manufacturer, Nippon Kodo. Mainichi-Koh Moss green is a special fragrance combination, consisting of sandalwood and moss.



Contains 280 sticks

25 mins burn time

The light and woody aroma of sandalwood shines through as the top note in this incense blend, whilst the addition of moss provides contrasting fresh and citrus notes.

It's an interesting combination.
The Mainichi-Koh Moss green incense comes beautifully presented in a nicely designed box. The sticks themselves are a dark green colour.

About Nippon Kodo:

Combining the secret Japanese technique of 400 years, with the sensibility of modern perfumers to create a unique fragrance, Nippon Kodo aroma was inherited by the incense book of Juemon Takai, who was a purveyor to the emperor during the Tensho era. 

It takes a long time to become a full-fledged incense craftsman. One must sense the daily climate, air conditions, and understand the slight differences in natural incense ingredients. They need to know when to adjust the amount of water to be kneaded.
Freshly kneaded soft incense is not easy to cut, a delicate incense that bends and shrinks when dry and easily breaks after completion. Skilled craftsmen will
carefully finish all of kneading, cutting, selecting, and winding creating a premium product.

The history of Japanese scents has been formed since the introduction of Buddhism in the 6th century. Burn fragrances such as fragrant wood and fragrant herbal medicines entrust people's prayers and wishes to the fragrant scent. 


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