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Makijima Tea Co x Provider – Fukamushi Sencha Green Tea

$ 28.00

Grown by Yoshiyuki Tamura in Kawane, Shizuoka, this fukamushi sencha is bursting with vibrant flavours (and colour) with a refreshing grassy endnote without shying away from “traditional” Japanese green tea characteristics.

Fukamushi literately translates to “deep steam” and it is a processing technique where fresh tea leaves are steamed longer after harvest than the normal 30-40 seconds. This technique originates from Shizuoka where this tea was grown and processed. Fukamushi sencha really brings out the full flavour, aroma and colour of the tea leaves

This particular fukamushi sencha is made from a tea variety called okumidori. Compared to yabukita, the most widely cultivated variety in Japan, okumidori gives a more lush, lively feel. Perfect to start your day with.

Each pack contains 100 g (roughly one month supply per person).

Please note that the fukamushi process yields tea leaves that are more broken and “rough” looking than other Makijima sencha products.