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Maru Morning Set


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This is a special mother's day collaboration between Incu and Provider. Featuring a little wooden tray, a mini glass milk pourer and a Japanese ceramic cup, this set draws inspiration from when we were kids and would bring mum breakfast in bed.

Each ceramic cup is made in a small workshop in Shiga, Japan. Said to be one of the twelve eldest kilns in Japan, the town is rich in history and famous for pottery. 


Wood Tray

Milk Pourer

Ceramic Cup


Shiga, Japan

Shiga is a Japanese prefecture to the east of Kyoto, on the island of Honshu. It contains the enormous freshwater Lake Biwa, whose shoreline is home to the regional capital, Otsu, as well as the cities of Hikone, Sakamoto and Nagahama, beaches and holiday resorts.

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