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Matcha Set


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This set contains everything you need to make the perfect cup of matcha tea. Available in three colours, with each one packed nicely in a woven bamboo case, you'll be able to perform a traditional tea ceremony at home.
Sets contain:

Tea bowl

Tea container

Tea whisk 

Bamboo tea spoon

Floor cloth

Cloth width

Bamboo case


How to make matcha:

Matcha is a special type of shade-grown green tea that is ground into a very fine powder. Rather than steeping tea leaves in hot water to extract the flavour, matcha powder is whisked into the water, so you're actually consuming the tea. The technique for making matcha is used in a Japanese tea ceremony which is designed to be a meditative process.

 01. Bring about 1 cup of water to a near boil; measure out 1/4 to 1/2 cup and reserve for making the tea. Fill the matcha bowl about halfway with the remaining hot water. Gently move the bamboo whisk around in the water to soak while the water warms the bowl (about 30 seconds). Discard the water, in the bowl then wipe the bowl dry with a clean towel.

02. Using the bamboo scoop, sift 2 to 4 heaping piles of matcha into the bowl.

03. Ideally, the reserved water should have cooled down to about 175 F after a few minutes. Pour a couple of tablespoons into the bowl and over the matcha.

04. Using your thumb and index finger, grasp the bamboo whisk with your dominant hand just above the strings (use the other fingers for support). Hold the bowl with your other hand. Whisk gently in circles to dissolve all the matcha and eliminate clumps.

05. Pour the remaining water into the bowl and whisk until a foam with tiny bubbles forms on the entire surface. At first, it may take a couple of minutes for the foam to form and it takes practice to master the technique.

06. Drink the matcha directly from the bowl or pour it into a small cup. It should be drunk immediately and, traditionally, in three sips while cupping the bowl with both hands.


Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Gifu 岐阜市 is a city located in the south-central portion of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, and serves as the prefectural capital. The city has played an important role in Japan's history because of its location in the middle of the country. During the Sengoku period, various warlords, including Oda Nobunaga, used the area as a base in an attempt to unify and control Japan.

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