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Niwaki Mini Snips


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This mini snips or "Nigirbasami" as they are called in Japan, are perfect for small plants, sewing and fabric work. 


100 x 13 x 12mm

35mm blades

Stainless steel

Made in Miki, Japan


Traditional Nigiribasami snips. Ever eaten an onigiri? (rice balls, sometimes wrapped in seaweed, normally with something inside, like salmon.) Well, an onigiri is so called because it's squeezed into shape in the palm of your hand, and these little beauties are so called because…you squeeze them in the palm of your hand. Nigiri = to squeeze.

Fantastic for bonsai, herbs and other jobs that call for minute precision, as well as fabric and sewing work, and fine paper cutting.




Miki is a city in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. It was founded on June 1, 1954. As of April 1, 2017, the city has an estimated population of 76,370 and a population density of 430 persons per km². The total area is 176.58 km². Miki is located northwest of downtown Kobe and is bounded to the south and east.

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