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Non Fleur Pentas Bowl – Grey


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This woven bowl was made using the same materials and technologies used in hat manufacturing. Hand sewn and knitted in Onomichi, Japan, they can be used for your fruit, trinkets or as stand alone piece. 


About Mobje

MOBJE is an interior art brand that re-examines the materials and technologies used in hat manufacturing.
Their collection is completed by hand, where each one is sewn and knitted.

Created in 2019 by Fujii Hat Co, a hat manufacturing company.Since its foundation in 1948 in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, their company has been producing hats of various styles.


25cm x 17cm




Onomichi is a hilly port city in southwest Honshu, Japan. It's known for the Temple Walk, a network of paths connecting 25 temples. Onomichi faces the Seto Inland Sea and is known as a city of slopes, literature, and films. It has also been depicted in many artistic works.

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