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NychairX Shikiri – Koshi Grey

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The NYChairX Shikiri was designed by Takeshi Nii in collaboration with Rika Kawato to provide a minimalist addition to any lounging space for reclining or perhaps to adorn with an assortment of coffee table books.


Width 50 x Depth 42 x Height 35 cm
When folded: Width 7.5 × Depth 4.2 × Height 57 cm

Fabric: 100% cotton
Armrest: natural beech wood, urethane coating
Metal elements: stainless steel


The NychairX Shikiri Ottoman from Japanese designers Takeshi Nii and Rika Kawato.
Inspired by the concept of a shikiri partition, the collaborative piece suggests a lifestyle with a closer connection to nature as Shikiri means to divide and create space through colours.
Rooted in Japanese-style minimalist living environments, this chair epitomises a simple and functional design that allows the piece to feel at home in any living space.



Nagoya, capital of Japan's Aichi Prefecture, is a manufacturing and shipping hub in central Honshu. The city's Naka ward is home to museums and pachinko (gambling machine) parlors. Naka also includes the Sakae entertainment district, with attractions like the Sky-Boat Ferris wheel, which is attached to a mall.

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