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Perspective Mobile


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This mobile was made by Tempo and designed by Mother Tool in Japan.This is a series of cascaded window frames. Catching the flow of air, the ever-changing figure of each one of the window frames creates a mysterious illusion in perspective.

The tempo mobile series is a new form of product with an approach to time and space. They are meant to be answers to the challenge of mass and balance given by the architects and designers. Each piece of the tempo mobiles is carefully handcrafted by assembly professionals to reach the perfect balance.


45cm x 50c,

About Mother Tool

Mother tool is a product manufacturer founded in 2006. We visit factories in various regions of Japan and create products by matching up and making the best use of different materials and production techniques. We make things together with the makers so that the background associated with the production can be communicated to the users we care about.



Tochigi is a Japanese prefecture north of Tokyo that encompasses part of Nikko National Park. The cedar-filled park contains volcanic Mt. Nantai and the adjacent Lake Chūzenji, formed when the mountain erupted. At the lake’s east end are the picturesque, 97-meter Kegon Falls. 

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