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Radiused Whetstone - Coarse


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Suehiro's radiused stones are manufactured for use on the edges of sickles, hoes and other gardening tools. Perfect for any hobbyist or professional who works with tools that require sharpening, curved or straight.

Coarse grit #280.

This stone measures 134×40×30mm.



The stone features three straight sides and one radiused side. This allows them to be used both on straight- or convex- bladed tools such as hedge shears, shovels and hatchets as well as the concave edges of sickles and hoes.

For best results, allow to sit in a bucket of water for 3-5 minutes before commencing sharpening, and add water while sharpening if the stone dries out.


Suehiro's goal with their company is to reduce the stigma around using whetstones to sharpen knives and tools as opposed to through them out once they are dull.

Whetting knives is neither difficult nor dangerous. If you have one versatile whetstone at home, you can whet not only cooking knives but also various kinds of knives and blades you have. Even from the perspective of cherishing what you use, we’d highly recommend using whetstones.



Niigata is a port city on Honshu, Japan’s main island. The Minatopia history museum complex includes heritage buildings like the 19th-century Niigata Customs House.

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