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Makijima Tea Co x Provider – Hōjicha Green Tea

$ 28.00

Hojicha is basically roasted green tea. The roasting process adds smooth nutty layers to the flavour, complemented by refreshing endnotes of Japanese green tea. Distinctly different from English black tea and Chinese teas like Oolong and Pu’er, the overall feel of hōjicha is strangely more like that of coffee. So if you are after a gift for someone who likes coffee but don’t like green tea so much, then get this one.

This hōjicha was grown and processed by Fumiaki Iwata and his team in Tsukigase, Nara, and made from tea leaves that were harvested in early summer (after spring harvest) and in autumn. Compared to other Makijima teas that are all made from spring harvest (the first young shoots after winter, ichibancha), its appearance is on the rough side (to say the least…). However, having bits and pieces of the tea plant results in its unique sweetness and elegant complexity. 

Each pack contains 100g (roughly one month supply per person)